Making Pinterest boards for my books

Pinterest screen grab

I’ve been slow to the Pinterest party. I joined Pinterest a couple of years ago but in the midst of becoming a mum and writing my books, the boards I first made languished unloved in cyberspace.

Recently,  I’ve returned to Pinterest – mainly because I find it such a fantastic resource for all things mum-related: inspiring ideas and how-to’s for crafts and other activities with small children, DIY tent-building, nursery decorating and so on. You name it, it’s there.

There are so many incredibly talented people on there and so many wonderfully curated collections of images. It’s a good job I have a tiny toddler demanding my immediate attention or I could very easily fall down a Pinterest rabbit hole.

Over a couple of evenings, in that strange hinterland that I so often find myself meandering into when Little Mouse is tucked up in bed and I finally collapse on the sofa, I’ve been noodling around making Pinterest boards for my novels. Such fun.

I also started to put together some images to inspire me for the book I’m just beginning to write – the third book in the Everyday Magic trilogy, The Glass.  It really helped me to enter the atmosphere of the story and build a bridge to the next day’s writing.

Are you on Pinterest? If so, please do come and find me. And I’d love to hear about how you use Pinterest as part of your creative process.

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