Mediterranean Yorkshire and everyday magic

It really was, for a brief few days…

We went to sunny Saltburn-by-the-Sea, a short drive from where we live in North Yorkshire. It’s a wonderful place, perhaps my all-time favourite place to go for that English seaside experience.  And it has a funicular, a special kind of water balanced cliff lift that transports visitors up the 71% incline from the beach to the cliff top. You can read more about its history here.


I love the cliff lift. I love the painted cream and red cabins with their polished wooden seats. Here’s Violetta checking out the brakeman’s hut at the top.


And here’s the sun setting last weekend. We’re already past the mid-point of the year and I find myself savouring these moments, wanting to hang on to them, remember them.


I have a little secret project brewing for next month so please do look out for details here on the blog if, like me, you want to practise noticing this ‘everyday magic,’ being in the now with it as much as possible, seeing it, tasting it, perhaps even recording it, sucking more of the juice out of it. Remembering…

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